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Art Submission

Dropbox Uploading

Storyboard on screen

Art Submission Guidelines

Gulf States Label can accept just about any file format created with Macintosh or Windows software.

If you have any questions or need assistance - contact Daniel: in the art dept.

• Illustrator

• Photoshop

• InDesign

• High resolution PDF / EPS / TIF / JPEG

Minimum 300 DPI. Set all Black to 100% Black. Screens should not fall below 10%.

Digital Media

When your artwork is ready for submission – you may send it on a CD/DVD, via E-mail, or Dropbox if needed. You will receive a digital proof that must be approved before your job is produced.

Flexographic Artwork Guidelines

The following flexographic artwork specifications are based on the capabilities of photopolymer printing plates.

Text Minimums

Minimum positive type: 4 point bold / 5 point regular
Minimum reversed-out type: 6 point bold / 7 point regular

Line Weight Minimums (non-trapping)

Positive rule .5 point
Reverse rule .75 point

Trapping Minimums

Positive rule 1 point


Color: Darkest color @ 100%, black preferred.
Print Direction: Parallel to web when possible.
Standard Size: 100% (most printers will not guarantee scanability under 100%).
Quiet Zone: 1/8" clear area in scan direction.
Color: Black over white preferred.

General Artwork Guidelines
Embed all images used in the document - if linked, include them with the file submitted.
Include all fonts or convert all fonts to outlines/curves depending on the program used.
When submitting artwork in PDF format, be sure to use Adobe’s High Quality Print
Provide a hard-copy proof of artwork when possible. A PDF can be used as a substitute.

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Art Submission & FTP: Recent Work
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Large File Uploading

If you require Dropbox services for uploading large files, please contact Daniel at: for further help.


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